I already own a mountain bike (a 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29) but I wanted another bike to travel longer distances with. Also I’ve always liked building stuff myself instead of just buying the finished product, so I decided to build my own road bike. I found a cheap used aluminum frame on eBay classifieds in almost pristine condition (even though the frame is over eight years old).

Today, me and my girlfriend brewed some beer. Since we have never done that before she gave me a IPA beer brewing kit as a gift for my birthday. Along to the basic ingredients the kit contains the tools like a 5L fermenter, a thermometer, a plug with an airlock and a siphon to facilitate the bottling process.

I recently went outside again with my telescope to capture the Orion Nebula. I took 21 pictures with an exposure time of 30 seconds each and stacked them to get this picture.

A better view of the Andromeda Galaxy. Stacked from eight pictures with an exposure time of five minutes each.

You can see some distortion towards the borders of the image. This is called coma. I have yet to buy a correcting lens for that.